In-House Finance

In-house financing is a situation in which a seller extends credit in some form to a buyer, without the need for intervention by a third party. With this approach, Copiers Sydney effectively becomes the lender, and has claim on the photocopier sold until the debt is discharged in full. Sometimes referred to as dealer financing or owner financing, in-house financing can make it possible for a consumer to still acquire an asset even if his or her credit rating is not acceptable to other lenders.

In recent years, the concept of providing Copiers Sydney with making a payment on the outstanding balance on a weekly or biweekly basis has become popular, especially among consumers who have less than perfect credit. The terms and conditions found in these types of financing contracts are governed by the same laws that apply to other types of loans. This is because the dealer extending the vendor financing uses a more liberal process of evaluating the credit worthiness of the potential buyer. With national buying power and masses of photocopier stock, Abacus copiers has you covered.

10 Great Reasons to Buy from Abacus

  1. Copiers Sydney ‘Easy in-House rental finance
  2. 38 Years experience in office equipment
  3. One combined monthly invoice for rental & servic
  4. Sharp’s Key Dealer in WA
    OKI’s Metro Key Dealer in WA
  5. Claim 100% of rental payments as tax deduction
  6. National Company – Australian owned and operated
  7. Not classed as a loan / debt , but “off balance sheet”
  8. Largest showroom of New & Used copiers in WA!
  9. Don’t get tied into a finance company – Protect yourself against obsolete technology
  10. Full support & service contracts available*

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